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Governor Christie Thanks Emergency Services for Hurricane Irene Response
Wed. Oct 26th 2011

Representatives from Readington Township Emergency Services attended a ceremony at the Trenton War Memorial Theater on Wednesday 10/26/2011 where Governor Chris Chistie thanked all of the Emergency Services / Responders in NJ for their efforts in preparing for and responding to incidents during Hurricane Irene.  Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the NJ State Police, spoke to the audience about a national emergency management conference held the prior day in Ohio.  He mentioned that representatives for California, Texas, Florida and other states gave him thumbs up for NJ's ability to evacuate 1.5 million people from the NJ barrier islands prior to the storms and especially Gov. Christie's "Get the hell off of the beaches, NOW" press conference.  Also mentioned was a paper presented entitled: "NJ's Response to Hurricane Irene - Lessons Applied"; frequently these conferences have a "lessons learned" paper presented.

Governor Christie thanked all of the response agencies in the state for their outstanding efforts and teamwork during and after this incident.  A moment of silence was held in memory of Michael Kingwood, a member of Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad who died during a swift-water rescue attempt in Princeton.  The Governor also elaborated on the press conferences prior to the storm hitting NJ.  He mentioned that on Friday morning he gave the standard it would be "in your best interest" to evacuate the barrier islands immediately speech.  Later that morning he was watching news reports on TV when he saw a CNN reporter standing on the beach with a background scene of a man putting sunblock on his wife/girlfriend, Frisbee tossing and a surfer heading into the water.  He then decided that a more NJ approach was required, which lead to the "Get the hell off of the beaches - NOW" speech later in the day.

As President of Whitehouse Rescue Squad, I am honored to have represented the squad at this ceremony.  There were extraordinary efforts by many squad members to help set up and staff Readington Twp's Emergency Command Center, dispatch calls from the squad building as Hunterdon County communications/dispatch was overwhelmed with calls, responding to medical and swift-water rescue calls and those that prepared wonderful meals to keep us going during these days.  Thank-You to all!

Bob Rainey, President, Whitehouse Rescue Squad


Joel Kerwin (OEM), Henry Lee (31-Fire), Frank Gatti (Mayor), Bob Rainey (President Whitehouse Rescue), Jim Novak (CERT) meet Governor Chris Christie

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Readington Coverage Info

Update 2/14/11

We are excited to announce that our second ambulance is up and running in the southern section of Readington. This unit will cover the southern area of the township including the Three Bridges area, Route 202, Summer Road, etc.

This ambulance and staff is housed at the Three Bridges Firehouse and provides a rapid response to emergencies in the area.

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