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Unity UCare = Donations

Account holders at Unity Bank: Unity will make donations to the Squad based on the dollar amount in your account(s), at NO cost to you.  Simply print out the attached form, list your account number(s),  and either mail the form to directly to Unity Bank or drop it off at your local branch. 

To respect your privacy  these forms never go to us.  In fact,  the Squad won't know who participates or any account information. Friends, family, neighbors, and other supporters can participate too, so if you know someone else who banks at Unity, let them know!  The Squad is not endorsing one bank over another, just letting  Unity Bank customers in our community know of an opportunity to help the Squad.  If you have any questions, contact the Squad treasurer at


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CO Carbon Monoxide facts

The Center for Disease Control has information on their web-site worth reviewing to avoid exposing your family to CO poisonin...

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Girl Scout Troop 80953 recognizes Whitehouse Rescue Squad
Fri. May 11th 2012

The Whitehouse School based troop gave boxes of cookies to the squad as a "Thank You" for the services we provide. Squad members spoke to the girls to describe our organization and talk about the different ways we help the community. The squad appreciates the troop's interest in the squad activities.

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Readington Coverage Info

Update 2/14/11

We are excited to announce that our second ambulance is up and running in the southern section of Readington. This unit will cover the southern area of the township including the Three Bridges area, Route 202, Summer Road, etc.

This ambulance and staff is housed at the Three Bridges Firehouse and provides a rapid response to emergencies in the area.

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Sun. Jun 8th 2014
BOT Meeting

7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sun. Jun 8th 2014
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